WARNING!!! This product may contain Nicotine, Nicotine is an addictive chemical - Restricted 18+ only

Welcome to Jubby's Vape Lounge, Home of Jubby's Juice

Committed to giving you high quality, handcrafted E-Liquids, Coils, Build Supplies and Merchandise...
We also currently hold New Zealand's largest selection of New Zealand Made E-Liquids

Jubby's Juice

Jubby has created an amazing range of Jubby's Juice that are full of flavour with each inhale.


Handcrafted Coils made to perfection! Northern Lights Coils are the Jubby's choice in their coil needs

Build Supplies

A seasoned Vaper knows it's all in the Build Supplies when keeping your mod in top condition!


We all want to rep busineses, labels, artists we knows we love and I'm sure you would love to rep Jubby's too.