WARNING: This Product May Contain Nicotine, Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Jubby's Magnetic USB Fast Charging Cable (2m)
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Jubby's Magnetic USB Fast Charging Cable (2m)

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Do you charge your device by cable?

Are you always having issues with USB ports on your devices/mods/cellphone?

We have an easy fix for you now... Simply plug our USB plug into your device and leave it there... when you need to charge, wave the end of the cable towards it and it will magnetize to the port and fast charge.  The cable is lit up with an LED light to show it is powered.

Comes with a super long braided 2m cable... 

  • Micro USB - Normal old school Samsung (S2 type lol)
  • Type C - Newer Samsung devices
  • Lightning - Apple products

So yes these can be used for your Internally charging Vape devices, Your Cellphones, The kids Tablets, Anything that is charged via USB. 

(Does not come with power adapter)

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