WARNING: This Product May Contain Nicotine, Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

About Us

Welcome to Jubby's Juice & Jubby's Vape Lounge

Around 3 1/2 years ago, Jubby decided to purchase Vapourisers rather then yet another couple packets of expensive stinkies... Our honest intentions were to smoke cheaper... just like a lot of other people.

We also then learnt the actual benefits of vaping, and the impact it truly had on our lives. Our clothes, our breath, our home stopped smelling like an ashtray, the children are never afraid to come give us a kiss or cuddle... Its huge how all these things changed... for the better...

Pretty shortly afterwards, Started making our own e-liquid...

One thing lead to another... and pretty soon Jubby's Juice became a well known eliquid brand... 

The Jubby's name went National, and then pretty soon after that, International.  

On the 11th August, 2018... Jubby and Jess (with the help of our many friends and family) opened our humble little Brick and mortar store in the heart of Gisborne, New Zealand.

Our Vision and Mission is to help those who are willing to become smokefree. We offer free advice and will always allocate time to educate everyone who may enquire about Vaping and its benefits.

Our online store and Shop, has our Flavorful selection of E-Liquids created by Mr Jubby himself that caters to every palette. Along with the range we also sell a range of other New Zealand Made eliquids, A small but growing range of hardware, a range of high quality Coils, Build Supplies for our Seasonal Vapers and Merchandise.

Feel free to leave us a message, we are always here to help. Don't forget to also Subscribe to our mailing list so you can hear first about our VIP Specials we may have.

Thanks for wanting to support us.

Rock On!!!


Dom and Jess

The Jubby's