WARNING: This Product May Contain Nicotine, Nicotine is an Addictive Chemical.

Irresistable Eliquids

As a heavy smoker of 28yrs I decided enough was enough. Tired of wasting money, stinking of smoke and not having the energy to do alot more than I could with my family. I started out on a cheap ciga-like pen but just wasn't satisfying enough so I brought an ego-one starter kit and the whole world opened up.

I was free of the torment that smokes had over me in under 3 weeks I honestly never thought vaping could help me so easily.

Vaping then started to become a hobby with all the new toys I was enquiring then moved on to making juice for personal supply, but friends and family were enjoying it just as much as I was, so this was how irresistible-eliquids was born!

Irresistible-eliquids has grown and funded itself from day one and will continue to in the future to come to aid smokers and vapers alike to continue to stay healthy and smokefree.

Johnny Meeuws